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Online Courses for Supported Living Services in California

Supported Living Service (SLS) providers and other members of an individual’s circle of support are welcome to take our courses. While regulations ARE discussed, and don’t all apply to SLS providers, they certainly can be used as best practice in one’s work. Stay tuned for SLS-specific courses in the future! If you would like us to keep you updated on our progress, please contact us.
Supported Living Services (SLS) staff often experience high training needs. In some cases, SLS staff find themselves working alone with a client on a given day in caregiving and direct support roles. This makes the caregiving experience that much more important — the SLS team member represents the hygiene and skill training support; the behavioral intervention support; the person upholding the individual’s rights and responsibilities; and the person spotting signs and symptoms of illness or concern.

SLS providers are highly skilled interventionists who are industry leaders in person-centered services. As the rest of us (i.e., those of us in long term care settings and group environments) catch up, SLS providers benefit from Essential CEU Institute’s relevant, affordable and time-saving continuing education opportunities.

In the meantime, SLS providers are not subject to CCLD regulations in California. They often report feeling the freedom from stifling Title 22 rigidities. On the other hand, top notch SLS providers in California report that they use Title 22’s health and safety regulations as best practices in their own practices. If this describes your agency, we are the perfect continuing education provider for both best practices and regulations. Examples include food service and medication dispensation, where the applicable regulations assist with best practice policy development to prevent food contamination and/or medication errors.

For rules governing continuing education credit, participants should contact their respective regulatory boards.

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