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Online Courses for Direct Support & Caregiving Staff

A direct support staff (sometimes referred to as a Direct Support Professional or DSP in California) is a person who provides caregiving, respite and/or behavioral support services to an individual across home, community and other placements in the continuum of care. This para-professional is at the core of a support team and is often unintentionally left out of professional development opportunities in agencies outside of their own. For persons in direct and caregiving roles, Essential CEU Institute courses provide the unique opportunity to benefit from the same content as licensed and certified professionals. Although direct support staff don’t typically require “official” certificates with fancy codes on them, they experience the immediate positive impact of implementing what they have learned in our courses. With that said, direct support staff do LOVE our beautiful direct support level certificates and find that the certificates receive high praise and attention during audits of staff training records.

Essential CEU Institute, LLC is a DSS-approved provider for continuing education in CA (ARF provider 2000551 735-2; RCFE provider 2000551 740-2; GH provider 2000 730-2).

For rules governing continuing education credit, participants should contact their respective regulatory boards.

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