Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (this "Privacy Policy") explains how Essential CEU Institute, LLC, a California limited liability company (referred to as "Essential," "we," "our," "us," and similar terms) collects information from Users (each referred to as "you," and similar terms), and how we use and share that information.  By using the Essential Platform, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.  Your use of the Essential Platform is also subject to the Terms of Service posted at this link:  Capitalized terms are defined in the Terms of Service unless they are defined in this Privacy Policy.

  1. Where this Privacy Policy Applies. This Privacy Policy applies to all use of the Essential Platform and the Services.

  2. Changes to this Privacy Policy. We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time-to-time. All changes will be effective when posted on the Essential Platform, unless we specify a later date. If we make any material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you through the Essential Platform, by email, or other communication. We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy periodically to stay up-to-date about our privacy practices. As long as you use the Essential Platform, you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy and any updates we make to it.  If you do not agree to the terms, you may not continue to use the Essential Platform, and your only option will be to terminate your User Account as provided in the Terms of Service.

  3. Information We Collect.

    1. User Account Information. When you sign up for a User Account, you may give us your name, email address, phone number, governmental identification numbers for professional licenses, credit card number or other payment information, mailing address, the facility you work for, and other information that we request or require. If you decide to create a User Account using your Facebook account, we will also get basic information from your Facebook profile like your name, gender, profile photo, and Facebook friends, and any other information Facebook provides to us on your behalf.

    2. Communications. If you contact us directly, we may receive additional information about you that you provide to us. 

    3. Usage Data. To provide the Services to you, and to help us understand how you use the Essential Platform and to help us improve it, we automatically receive information about your interactions with the Essential Platform and other Usage Data.  "Usage Data" may include the pages or other content you view, your actions within the Essential Platform, the dates and times of your visits, the Services you use, the educational content you view, and your performance on tests, evaluations, and other interactions with the Services. 

    4. Performance Data. To provide the Services through the Essential Platform to you, your Administrator and other Team Members, we will collect Performance Data when you use the Essential Platform and the Services.  "Performance Data" includes the following in a way that may be personally identifiable to you when shared: the dates and times of your visits, the Services you use, the Certificates you earned, the educational content you view, and your performance on tests, evaluations and other interactions with Services and the Essential Platform. 

  4. How We Collect Information. 

    1. Cookies and Similar Technologies. We collect information through the use of "cookies", tracking pixels, beacons and similar technologies to understand how you navigate through the Essential Platform and interact with Essential advertisements, to learn what content is popular, and to save your preferences. Cookies are small text files that web servers place on your device; they are designed to store basic information and to help websites and apps recognize your browser. You should consult your web browser(s) to modify your cookie settings. Please note that if you delete or choose not to accept cookies from us, you may be missing out on certain features of the Essential Platform and your use of the Services may be negatively affected.

    2. Information from Your Administrator. We may also receive information about you from your Administrator. That information may include the information described above as well as any other information that your Administrator provides to us. 

  5. How We Use Information We Collect. We use the information we collect from all Users to:

    1. Communicate with you, including for marketing and promotional purposes;
    2. Personalize your Essential Platform experience; 
    3. Provide you with customer support; 
    4. Facilitate transactions and payments; 
    5. Provide each User with information on how all Users as a whole perform on certain educational evaluations, and how the User performed relative to all Users; 
    6. Provide Administrators with Performance Data and Usage Data on their Team Members and other Team Accounts; 
    7. Provide you with Performance Data; 
    8. Provide, improve, expand, and promote the Essential Platform; and 
    9. Analyze how Users use the Essential Platform.

  6. How We Share Your Information

    1. Usage Data Shared with Other Users. We will share aggregated Usage Data with other Users. For example, we may share the average score and percentile ranks on certain evaluations with all Users in a way that is not directly identifiable to other individual Users. 

    2. Information Shared with Administrators.  We may share your Performance Data and Usage Data with your Administrator and other Team Members and Administrators under your Subscription, and that Performance Data and Usage Data may be identifiable to you when we share it.

    3. Payment Method. When you add a credit card or other payment method to your User Account, a third party that handles payments for us will receive your payment information and will use it to pay the Subscription Fees and other charges to us. 

    4. Third Party Services. The Essential Platform may allow you to connect with other websites, products, or services that we do not control. If you use these services, we will provide the third party with information about you to allow them to provide the service to you. We don't control the privacy practices of these third parties, and we encourage you to read their privacy policies before deciding whether to use their services. If you register your account through Facebook, we will share information we collect from you with Facebook based on the directions we receive from Facebook. Please review Facebook's privacy policy and your Facebook account settings to determine how you can adjust the information Facebook requests from us. We may share your information with advertisers or others for marketing and promotional purposes or for other purposes not prohibited by law.

  7. Information Others Collect. Other websites, mobile applications and services that you interact with may collect information from you after you leave their website, including information related to your use of the Essential Platform and the Services. We do not control any third party or their collection of your information. Please review the respective party's privacy policy to understand their collection and use of your information. 

  8. Your Choices

    1. Email Subscriptions. You can unsubscribe from our promotional emails but we will still send you transactional and relational emails about your User Account and use of the Essential Platform.

    2. Editing Your Information. You can review and edit certain account information by logging in to your User Account.  You may terminate your User Account as provided in the Terms of Service. If you choose to terminate your User Account, or if your User Account is terminated under the Terms of Service, we will deactivate it for you but we may retain information from your User Account for a certain period of time we determine in our sole discretion, and disclose it in a manner consistent with our practices under this Privacy Policy for User Accounts that are not closed. For example, after your User Account is terminated, we may still share your Performance Data and Usage Data with your Administrators and other Team Members who have the same Administrator. We also may retain information from your User Account to collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, analyze usage of the Essential Platform, assist with any investigations, prevent fraud, enforce our Terms of Service, or take other actions as required or permitted by law.

    3. Data Security. We are committed to protecting the data of the Essential community. Even though we take reasonable precautions to protect your data, no security measures can be 100% secure, and we cannot guarantee the security of your data.