About Essential CEU Institute

Welcome to Essential CEU Institute — your go-to for on-demand, relevant, affordable, and HCBS-friendly CEU courses.

We're all about making learning fun and personal. So say goodbye to dull, robotic recordings; our founder, Dr. Heidi Morgan, guides you through each course with a friendly voice and a touch of humor. She's a coffee enthusiast, and you might just pick up some coffee chatter along the way.

Founded in 2016 from a need for high-quality, impactful CEU courses, Essential CEU is committed to elevating the capabilities of caregivers and healthcare professionals. Certified by the California Department of Social Services, ACS division, our programs are specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals in various care settings. We understand the challenges you face—from unexpected midnight calls to rigorous audits—and our goal is to keep you at the forefront of an evolving industry with the latest knowledge and skills.

Essential CEU continues to be the preferred choice for those looking to enhance their professional and team skills across the healthcare sector. So grab your favorite cup ☕️ and join us!

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A Welcome Message from our Founder, Dr. Heidi Morgan
Department of Developmental Services Behavior Analyst Certification Board Board of Professional Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians California Department of Social Services California Board of Registered Nursing Board of Behavioral Sciences

Our Leadership

Dr. Heidi Morgan

Ph.D., BCBA-D, School Psychologist, ARF Administrator

With a solid foundation in behavioral analysis and psychology, Dr. Heidi Morgan has been a pivotal figure in care settings since 1993. As the driving force behind Essential CEU Institute, LLC, she channels her vast experience into every course. Known for her engaging teaching style, Dr. Morgan makes each session informative and enjoyable, sometimes even featuring her favorite brew as a co-star.

Beyond her role at Essential CEU Institute, Dr. Morgan directs Essential Behavioral Support, Inc. (EBSI) in Silicon Valley, leading a dedicated team that supports adults with developmental disabilities through evidence-based behavioral techniques. Her innovative approach has significantly advanced care standards in Enhanced Behavioral Support Homes, showcasing her dedication to exceptional care and creative solutions.

Her commitment extends beyond professional boundaries, embodying a personal mission to enhance the lives of both her clients and her team. With Dr. Morgan at the helm, both Essential CEU and EBSI reflect a deep-rooted commitment to improving care through education and support.

Our Mission

Our mission at Essential CEU Institute is to provide exceptional online continuing education courses that meet regulatory requirements and enrich the capabilities of professionals in the residential and community care sectors, effectively bridging the gap between traditional learning and practical application to enhance your professional practice.

We’re here to help

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