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What is the difference between an individual registering or logging in on Essential CEU and inviting staff from the “Manage Staff” page within an administrator’s profile?

First, when you invite staff on the Manage Staff page, you will be able to view and monitor their course completions. This is a wonderful way to view all of your team’s performance in one place and to avoid having to log on numerous times.

Second, agency owners are able to pay for a subscription in a pack; this method is less expensive than paying for each individual subscription.

I invited a staff member in from the Manage Staff page within our agency profile. The staff says that s/he didn’t get the email. What should I do?

First, ask the staff member to check their spam/junk mail folder on their email inbox. It’s possible that the email invitation went there.

Second, it is possible for you to manually add an employee on the Manage Staff screen. We recommend asking the employees for their preferred email and password, then signing them up manually. You can then give them their login credentials in writing and send them to essentialceu.institute/login to start taking courses. Voila!

Thereafter, the individual is welcome to change their password and further customize their user account.

We have more than one DSS-approved Administrator on our team. How can I add more Administrator-level access permissions to our account?

Our membership pricing can be located at essentialceu.institute/pricing. Please review carefully for the number of administrators and general staff per account. Administrators get a different type of certificate than general staff.

If you have a small team but need more than one administrator on the account, please contact us and we will be happy to collaborate with you to further customize your subscription.

Will DSS and other agencies accept the direct support level certificates?

Unfortunately not. The direct support certificates are a fantastic, affordable way to benefit from the same content as CA DSS-certified Administrators, RNs, BBS licensees, and school psychologists. However, they do not contain the requisite codes. This becomes frustrating for all involved, and the licensing agencies usually end up calling us to verify the certificate.

With that said, we are happy to assist any individual with upgrading their membership to include what we call “Admin level certificates”. However, please understand that this would be modified from the date of the upgraded

One of my staff accidentally signed up outside of our team. How do I bring him/her into a team subscription in lieu of an individual subscription?

Please feel free to contact our team at support@essentialceu.institute for assistance in bringing that individual into your team.

Note that we will be able to assist with the team migration, but that any fees that the individual has committed to (or paid) will be upheld for the applicable term.

I get stuck on a slide and it won’t move forward OR I have tried a course and pressed play, but it doesn’t begin the course presentation.
  • Check your internet connection
  • Consider reloading that page. Sometimes this is also referred to as refreshing the page.
  • Rule of thumb: If the slide doesn’t begin or advance within twenty seconds, Houston – we have a problem!
  • Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support. Our support team is here and ready to assist – either with recorded tutorials or with scheduled support to guide you through.
I did not achieve 80% correct responses on my first try. Is it possible for me to take the quiz again?

Yes. The quiz can be repeated until a correct response is achieved. We recommend repeating as soon as possible in order to increase the likelihood of longer term memory on the topic(s) discussed.

I read that you have two kinds of certificates. Tell me more.

Our “Admin level” certificates (example below on the left) have full codes on them. For example, many of our courses count for DSS-certified ARF, RCFE and Group Home Administrators, as well as California RNs, BBS licensees, etc. All applicable codes are listed on those certificates. Please see course descriptions for full details.

Our “direct support level” certificates (example below on the right) have the participant name, course name, number of credit hours and our agency name on the certificate. There are no codes, and so these types of certificates are not appropriate to submit for administrator recertification or outside renewals. Instead, direct support level certificates are typically used to show topic training for paraprofessionals or non-certified team members. These are wonderful certificates to be placed in staff files. Individuals are referred to any applicable licensing or other agencies to ensure that specific requirements are met.

I have additional course suggestions or needs. Are you open to developing additional courses?

Absolutely! We are eager to meet agency needs and are willing to develop custom or requested courses. Please get in touch with us at support@essentialceu.institute to share your ideas for additional content.

I have a difficult time carving out enough time to complete the course all at once. Can I come back to it later?

Most definitely. This is a strength of our course model at Essential CEU Institute. We know that your time is precious, and often scarce. With that in mind, we have designed courses so that you can pause them and resume once you become available.

Am I able to take a course more than once?

Yes, yes, yes! We love that some agencies use our courses for repetition. Some agencies prefer to take courses annually; others prefer to train initially and then revisit courses following incidents or once continued support needs are identified.

Because our courses require at least 80% correct scores to complete, team leaders have the opportunity to identify those staff who may require additional opportunities to master content.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that courses are taken at the frequency needed for their specialty or work environment, as well as to ensure that courses that they choose to repeat will meet their recertification needs. For example, it is quite routine for direct support staff to repeat courses frequently, but less frequently for certified or licensed professionals to repeat a course more than once in a two-year period.

Do your live and online courses have the same approval numbers?

Great question! No, they do not. This means that one can even take the same course online and then again in live classrooms and receive separate certificates.

This question seems most relevant to certified and licensed professionals who are turning in their certificates for recertification and/or re-licensure.

How do I add units from outside courses to the Manage Staff page?

Only those units completed through Essential CEU Institute’s online program are available for tracking. For your convenience, we offer enough units to meet all of the internet-based learning for each annual or bi-annual cycle.

Live course participation is documented on separate certificates and are not reflected in our online accounts.

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